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... consists of several sets of 4 to 6 songs each. During our performance we grab the attention of the entire audience and include them in the action, so our act often ends in party atmosphere.

Between the sets our guests have the opportunity to share information, have dinner or just relax and smalltalk. Company parties, product presentations, vernissages, formal diners, and acts at parties and balls are some of our strong points. Onstage-acts in line with concerts or TV studio acts are part of our performance spectrum.

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Our biggest advantage is our enourmous flexibility. We’re able to play everywhere and usually need neither stage nor sound engineering or lightshow of any kind. We only use microphones for our instruments at events with 500 listeners or more. We are also flexible and creative with our outfits.

From the ballroom of a 5 star hotel to a factory hall, from the deck of a boat to a bathtub, from a beach club to a mountain restaurant, from a mall to the trunk of a car, or simply on the street – the scope of different performance locations is nearly endless!

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SAXROYAL – the environment-friendly and and CO2 neutral eventband

Find examples of our performances in „References“ and „Photo Gallery“ on this website.